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Knowledge is Power. Test It.

An Award Winning Online Assessment Platform

AI Based Auto Proctoring

Secure Exams on Phone

Adopted by Many Successfully

Useful Analytics for Assessment

Effective Pricing

Online Theory Exam Management

Solution for Education

Online Entrance Exam . Semester Exams . Aptitude Test . Mock Test Read More

Solution for Corporates

Hiring . Psychometric . Domain Specific Assessment . Employee Training . Online Quiz Read More

Solution for Schools

School Exams, Internal Assessments, theory exams, Viva, Scholarship, Olympiad Exams Read More

Onscreen Evaluation System

Answer Sheet Scanning . Automatic Score Calculations . Online Answer sheet Evaluation Read More

Well Engineered Assessment Module

Conduct Aptitude Test, Personality Assessment, Recruitment Test, Test series for competitive exams

Cutting-edge Remote Proctoring Technology

AI Based Auto Proctoring with intelligent face Recognition to manage in camera online Exams

Systematic Analytics for better Decision Making

Analytics with Ranking, Percentile, Topic wise Analysis, Question wise Analysis, Group Performance

Features of AI Proctoring


Live Chat with Candidate

Remote Proctor can initiate Live Chat

Data Analysis

Analyze student Data for Student Profiles, Region and other Statistics

Facility to Pause/ Resume Exam

Proctor can pause or Resume Exam Remotely

Eliminate Physical Exam Invigilation

Auto Proctoring helps to eliminate physical exam invigilation process

Audio Proctoring

Record audio around candidate during exam

Secure Browser

Secure Browser to Prevent Cheating during Exams

Auto Proctoring with AI

AI-driven auto proctoring for large scale exams

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition to ensure same person attempting online exam

Exam Cheating Detection

Detect cheating using facial recognition, audio, system alerts

Monitor Live Streaming, Recording of Candidate

Remote Proctoring helps to capture images and video streaming of online exam candidate

Detailed Audit Log of exam

Analysis of detailed event log of remote candidate appearing for the exam to detect malpractice or cheating

Candidate Authentication Process

Authenticate Remote candidate with intelligent image verification

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