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Get salaries out in just minutes instead of days! Solve the mystery, rid the misery.
iPayroll software is increasingly a central component of integrated, multifunctional human capital management (HCM) systems. Compared to paper-based systems, payroll software significantly speeds the payroll process while reducing errors and enabling managers to more easily customize paychecks for individual employees.
iPayroll management is a complex process due to a large number of calculations and statutory compliance requirements. You need a stress-free solution that is accurate, fully baked and very secure.
Payroll software features :
Complete payroll processing
Configurable salary structure
Automated payroll inputs and payslips
Comprehensive Post-Payroll Process
100% statutory compliance
Generate payroll reports
Standard functions in most ipayroll software systems include automatic calculation of deductions for withholdings, such as taxes, insurance and retirement contributions. iPayroll software also commonly processes direct paycheck deposits, generates tax forms and deducts wage garnishments. iPayroll administrators can also configure systems to print checks for employees not enrolled in direct deposit.
Many payroll systems include self-service capabilities that enable employees to view and download payroll checks online on mobile devices and computers and to change deduction amounts.
Dekho Network is India's best iPayroll management software bar none. It's unmatched in it's simplicity and tackles all aspects of the payroll process.

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