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iJewel Software gives you the power to control and know how your assets move for maximum productivity. Also known as “Middleware”, iJewel Software sends control commands to Jewel readers that relay Jewel tag data. This data is then reported to the iJewel Software that supports your specific business application. All of this information is synchronized on a server so that real-time access to important information is right at your fingertips.
iJewel Software provides you with robust capabilities to boost your bottom line including:
Tag and Reader Configuration
Solutions-based Options
Managed Alerts
Customized Reporting
Real-time Monitoring
Jewel Software is the most critical piece of an Jewel application. It determines what kind of hardware is required to complete your system. Whether you are tracking assets, preventing theft or conducting inventory, we have the Jewel Software to meet your needs. Contact one of our Jewel specialists to ensure the Jewel software is compatible with your hardware and tags/labels. We can even set you up with a demo to make sure it meets your business requirements.
Dekho Network is a powerful Jewel supply chain tracking platform, versatile enough to manage your inventory and assets. Dekho Network uses data captured by fixed and mobile readers to provide real time asset and inventory visibility from point of manufacture through to retail store.
Dekho Network is India's best iJewel management software bar none. It's unmatched in it's simplicity and tackles all aspects of the Jewel process.

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